Care Instructions Daphny Raes

You bought yourself one of my leather bags or accessories? I hope you will love it as much as I did making it for you. To keep your valuable the most beautiful and to enjoy it for a lifetime, I recommend to follow up the care instructions below.

Type of leather
I mostly make use of genuine calf, cow and buffalo leather.
When not in use, store your bag preferably in a dry and dark place.
Leather care
Spray it before use, and preferably every month, with high quality leather protection spray.
Try to avoid contact between your leather bag and all of the following at all times: oils, liquids, creams, sand, sharp objects, food, cleaning products, products containing chemicals, rough products, abrasive surfaces and direct sunlight.
Dark colours on leather might come off when first used. To avoid smudges on other fabric, I suggest wearing clothing in similar shades until the extra dye vanishes.
I recommend not exposing your bag to (heavy) rain. However, when it does get wet, do never dry your bag with a heat source, such as a heater or near a fireplace. Instead, clean your bag with a dry, clean cloth and allow it to dry calm and naturally.
When your bag is made of buffalo leather, you can gently rub the dry leather against each other, to remove small rain spots.
Please note that leather is a natural product, and color and texture can slightly vary from batch to batch. 
Also note that I take great care photographing all products and ensure that colours match. However, I can not guarantee 100% accuracy due to differences in monitors and your display settings.
I hope you will love and enjoy your bag for a lifetime!